Hydro CMMS

Automated Hydropower Asset Maintenance Management System Maintenance Simplified

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Main Features Of Hydro CMMS

Hydro CMMS is a customized web-based, cloud-hosted CMMS system that is designed specially for planning, streamlining and tracking the maintenance activities across various sites undertaken by hydropower companies.

Automate Preventive Jobs

Hydro CMMS Automates all your preventive workorders.

Automated Inventories

Link assets, tools & equipments, spares & consumables into workorder.

Track Asset Performance

Track how your asset is performing based on workorder stats.

Upto date Reporting

Get on demand live reporting including cost of maintenance.

HrdroCMMS Introduction Video.

Simplify your maintenance jobs with all in one solution.

From creation to closeout, conquer your maintenance tasks with effortless efficiency. Generate, assign, and track with a few clicks. Monitor progress, receive notifications, & collaborate seamlessly. Trigger approvals, reminders, and escalations automatically..

Fix it Fast, Track it Smart. Don't let breakdowns slow you down. Quickly log issues with intuitive forms and photo/video attachments. Assign to the most qualified technician , Monitor progress & Analyze repair data to prevent future issues.

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02 Trail operations in Medium scale Hydropowers in Nepal

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Any Questions? Look Here

Here are most frequently asked questions regarding Hydro CMMS.

What is Hydro CMMS?

Workorder Today's HydroCMMS is a highly tailored CMMS for hydropower. From automatic scheduling of preventive workorders to tracking of corrective jobs, from inventory tracking to specialized reporting, HydroCMMS is a one stop solution for all the hydropower companies.

What features are offered?

  • Tailormade automation
  • Quick Access and failure proof system
  • Multi-site & Multi-user system
  • Role wise Dashboard
  • Automatic Preventive Work order scheduling
  • Corrective/Reactive ticket creation
  • Printable work order sheet
  • In-built work order forms
  • Assignment & Auditing

Is HydroCMMS always dependendable?

HydroCMMS is build in a robust technology and is guaranteed to workorder 24x7.

What is the future of maintenance with HydroCMMS?

HydroCMMS is on active development and is currently researching on sensor based predective maintenance.


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